About Us

Crystal Clear Special Utility District’s mission is to serve as a provider of clean, reliable potable water to its customers at the lowest possible cost while ensuring that it meets both the customers current and future water needs.  Crystal Clear Special Utility District is dedicated to being a responsible member of  the community utilizing all of the financial and physical resources necessary to meeting these objectives.  Crystal Clear Special Utility District’s priorities are to provide reliable service its customers, a good working environment for its employees, and positive benefits to our community.


What is a Special Utility District (SUD) in Texas? 

A SUD is a political subdivision of the State of Texas - it is a governmental entity and its directors are elected officials. A SUD operated under Chapters 49 and 65 of the Texas Water Code. A SUD's primary duties are to provide water and wastewater services to the public. 

Who can regulate and govern a SUD? 

The Texas Water Code provides the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Public Utility Commission of Texas the contunuing right of supervision over certain the actions of a SUD. The Board of Directors of a SUD can discuss, consider, and take action on matters regarding the operations and business of a SUD.