Meter Reading

How to read meter:

  • Step 1: Locate your meter box, generally found towards the front of a property, near the road/street. It is housed in a concrete or black plastic box. Remove the lid by using a tool such as a large screwdriver. Insert the tool into one of the holes and pry the lid off.
  • Step 2:On the face of the meter, you will see a digital display of 9 numbers. The numbers represent your meter reading in gallons. Read the number display from left to right. This is your meter reading.

Compare reading from your last bill to the current reading on meter:

After reading the meter, take that current read and subtract it from the last reading on your most recent bill you received. From that read to the current date you read your meter, will be the amount of usage you have used. When looking at your meter, pay attention to any possible codes that could be flashing on the screen.

Steps to find a leak:

  1. Check that all faucets are off and that any toilets or cattle trough floats are not constantly running (putting food coloring in a toilet tank and seeing if it ends up in the bowl is a good way to detect a leaking toilet)
  2. Check yard for standing water, running water, dampness or green spots
  3. Check under house or around foundation for standing water, running water or dampness

Severity of leak:

The severity of the leak can be determined by looking at the digital display of numbers on the meter.  The display will change every 30 seconds if flow is present. The number display will not change if flow isn’t present. 



Meter digital display is 000003252, 30 secs later it changes to 000003278


Thats 26 gallons per half a minute!

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